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Repair by Top Coat Yacht Refinishing

Did you come across a blister or perhaps bump a seawall? No worries.. Here at Top Coat, we offer a variety of structural repair capabilities ranging from fiberglass patch to full fairing work. Here are some of the things you should know when considering having your boat repaired.

Paint and Gelcoat Matching

Paint or gelcoat matching: Yes, it is possible. Top Coat utilizes paint and gelcoat experts that hand mix paint to perfectly match your vessel. Sun fading and weathering are accounted for and a customized solution is blended. Top Coat will provide painted samples for customers to compare and approve color matching upon request.

Mobile Yacht Services

For certain vessels, our mobile division can come to you. Most importantly, this will assist in reducing overall cost of the repair to you. The only things you will have to supply are 110 AC electrical service and a moderate working space. We have all the equipment necessary to handle the rest. No need to worry about overspray, driveway stains, or hazardous material removal. Top Coat utilizes top of the line painting equipment that reduces the need for use of volatile chemicals such as Acetone and other thinners. All work areas are kempt and tented properly.

Fair Pricing on Yacht Services

Don't be taken advantage of by lowball quotes. Repair work is a hands on process from beginning to end that requires hours of energy per damaged area. Labor costs and material costs are mostly consistent from company to company. If you shop around, you will eventually find a price that seems too good to be true. Most likely, it is.. Nightmarish stories have been shared with us regarding rush jobs, hidden fees, and unfinished work, all of which costs more in the end.

Proper Structural Repair

A proper structural repair to your vessel should be unnoticeable when complete the first time. Trust that Top Coat can help you achieve seamless results for a competitive and fair price.

Send us an email or call us at (561) 665-5375 with any questions or to get started on your yacht's structural repair project.

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