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Paint by Top Coat Yacht Refinishing

There are many independent companies and service yards offering paint and refinishing services in South Florida. As a general rule of thumb, you get what you pay for.. An independent contractor may quote low and the paint may only last a few years before dulling or chalking. A high end service yard may quote high and guarantee paint or gelcoat work for a decade. Your budget will ultimately determine who you choose; but the options don't need to be black or white.

At Top Coat, our nimble structure allows us to present a variety of pricing options that suit your budget. We don't try to buy your work by bidding the lowest. We earn your work by bidding the best. Independent variables such as which yard is chosen and what products are used can greatly determine the job cost. How do you plan to use the vessel? Do you plan to maintain it for 10 years or sell it next year? Factors like these will determine the best approach for maximizing the return on your investment and minimizing the upfront cost of your project. We can analyze your future plans and help align your expectations with your budget requirements. Once that's determined, then the real work begins.

So what is the Top Coat painting advantage? It's easy to say that our skilled employees are the best in their profession and that the level of paint work they provide is superior. It would be just as easy to suggest that our methodology and approach is meticulous and certified. In addition, it would be baffling for us to say anything other than that our quality is unparalleled in the industry. Although all of those attributes are true, they're also the same for many of the refinishing companies in South Florida.

So why choose Top Coat for your paint work?

Top coat was founded based on the core principal that skilled labor capable of producing high quality workmanship is something to be highly valued. While we do invest in the same precision tools and adhere to meeting and exceeding the same industry standards as others, how do we guarantee the highest chance of success, the first time? The fundamental determining factor in whether or not a job is done correctly ultimately and solely lies within the hands of the person doing that job. We incentivize our employees to do the job right and we invest in training those who are interested in developing their capabilities. We're cultivating a company culture that continually grows in expertise and constantly thrives on its success.

Our model isn't typical, it's right.

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