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Mobile Yacht Detailing

Top Coat offers boat and yacht detailing services plus maintenance programs for customers who want to keep their vessel looking its best. While our primary business concerns paint and repair work, we also develop lasting relationships with customers that trust us to keep their vessels looking great far after paint and repair work has been completed.

Best Yacht Detailing Practices

Along with utilizing the best detailing practices and equipment, Top Coat also offers and encourages customers to take advantage of the ever growing technological advances in protective coatings. Believe it or not, Nano-tech has finally entered the historically slow to grow marine industry.

Modern Yacht Detailing

The old ways are tried and true, but today, specialized surface coatings such as Glidecoat can extraordinarily extend the life and reduce the maintenance requirements of your vessel' paint, gelcoat, glass, and vinyl. Top Coat is a certified applicator of products such as these and also a huge proponent of taking advantage of new technologies.

Superior Surface Protection

Constant detailing services purchased throughout the life of a vessel will add up significantly. Reducing the frequency of such services traditionally meant reducing the longevity of your vessels surfaces. Now, a small investment in a superior surface protectant can amazingly decrease the need for detailing service to as little as 1 time per year! In some cases even longer.

Feel free Send us an email or call us at (561) 665-5375 to ask us about these options. Top Coats engineering staff is well versed in the technologies. As stated before, our primary business concerns are paint and repair work. Help us help you by reducing the need for constant and costly detailing work.

Allow us to assist in determining the best course of action and maximize your return on investment for what will likely be a long standing love/hate relationship with your vessel.

Mobile Yacht Detailing Serving the Palm Beaches

Top Coat crews are available upon scheduled requests to travel within the Palm Beaches. No boats need to come to us for detailing services.

Vendors Used by Top Coat Yacht Refinishing